Shade/size variation are inherent characteristics to ceramics. Fixing tiles with Thick bed mortar

» Ample lighting should be provided. Each box should be spread & mixed on the floor to check for any variation. Mixing of tiles brings harmony to shade    by avoiding obvious patches.

» The area to be tiled should be free from all kind of dust/grime etc. Surface should completely smooth & flat.

» Prior to fixing, tiles should be immersed in water for 15/20 minutes.

» The sand & cement ratio should be 3:1 with 3 parts of sand to 1 part cement. The cement quality should preferably be Grade 53. Approximately 1 inch    (25mm) completely flat thick bed of mortar, free of air voids should be spread up to the workable reach of mason.

» Avoid rich application of neat cement/mortar (application of rich cement mortar/cement may lead to cracks developing on tiles due to cement pinch). Tiles should be fixed on the bed by sliding & tamping with wooden or rubber mallet. Spacers between the tiles should be between 2-5mm as per the usage & area of application.

» Remove spacers after 24 hours from laying the tile.

» Fill the joints with grouts as directed by Grout manufacturers.